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Re: [APD] Aromat Ballasts Arrived

S. Hieber wrote:
> Pity. Worth considering remotely mounting the ballast? How far is the garage?

The garage is about 180' away. The ballasts must be mounted within 6' of 
the bulbs anyway. I'm going to double-check the wiring in the apartment 
tonight, but if that is OK I suppose I will have to do something with 
the bulbs. Metal halide looks too nice to get rid of it. I suppose I 
will try some 175W 10,000K Aqualines next (new ballasts too, but at 
least those bulbs are normal ANSI codes).

There's one thing I'm not clear on when it comes to testing the outlets: 
how do you tell if someone has crossed the ground and neutral wires 
(other than visual)? The building is very old with cloth wires and they 
are all the same color.

Jerry Baker
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