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Re: [APD] Aromat Ballasts Arrived

Gordon McLellan wrote:
> Jerry,
> I'm not sure what definition of "noise" is being used or if there are
> differing levels of "loudness" involved ... but the MH bulbs and
> ballasts I've used in the past (250w 20000k, mogul base) made very
> little noise ... there was a slight buzzing and popping/crackling from
> the bulb when it starts, but after it's been running for 20-30min, the
> only noise I hear is the cooling fan in the ballast box - and that's
> no louder than the cooling fans on computers.
> And that is with a cheap "core and coil" ballast, no electronics involved.

With the Icecap ballast the noise came from the bulb -- the ballast was 
silent once your ear was further than about two feet. This one is 
definitely the ballast.

> I wouldn't say the ballast is dead silent, it has a hum, it is a low
> freq transformer after all, but its not at all loud like the hum from
> one of those street-light transformers ... my microwave makes a good
> hum and the ballasts are no where near that loud.

Thinking as objectively as I can, the noise is about as loud as the 
sound that a fly makes when it's wings are beating against a window. I 
presume everyone's heard a housefly flying around against a window. The 
frequency is a little higher, but it's a similar noise.

> Only suggestion I can think of, you've already mentioned - try a
> different bulb.  Do you have another area to test the setup at, like a
> friend or family members house, to rule out anything funky with your
> home's power supply?

That's part of the plan.

Jerry Baker
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