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Re: [APD] Aromat Ballasts Arrived

Jerry Baker wrote:
> S. Hieber wrote:
>> The fixture only takes two wires and the ballast only offers two, so that's unlikely, I think. Perhaps a bulb/ballast mismatch. Aromat ought to know if that's the case.
> I'm beginning to suspect there are no ballasts for these bulbs.

The engineer I spoke with at Aromat believes it is the bulbs (just as 
the people at Hatch transformer [Icecap] believed). This is crazy. When 
I talk to engineers at the ballast manufacturers they seem to be of the 
opinion that there is no such thing as HID without noise, but when I 
talk to the merchants they say, "it's dead silent even with your ear 
pressed against it." I think I know who I believe now. I'm going to test 
the grounding in my apartment this evening and see if I can find a cheap 
150W MH bulb to test. If both of these tests succeed and it turns out 
that MH just makes that much noise, I suppose I'll have to sell the 
stuff. :(

Jerry Baker
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