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Re: [APD] Aromat Ballasts Arrived

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Dude! These things are heavy. Even though they're electronic, I would 
> guess that they're easily 6 lbs. each. The Icecap ballasts were more 
> like ounces rather than pounds. I'm still at work though so I can't 
> report on how well they light the Iwasakis yet.

Damn. I don't understand. These things buzz like a bad light out in the 
Wal-Mart parking lot. I don't see how I can be hooking it up wrong. 
There's white, black, and green - those match the power cable; neutral, 
hot, ground. Then there are two blue wires for the bulb: tried both ways 
with no audible difference. The reflector is grounded. I don't know what 
to do at this point.

Jerry Baker
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