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Re: [APD] Water soluble micros needs low pH?

Robert T. Ricketts wrote:
> I don't know the chelating agent used, but if the agent binds best at low
> pH,
> and poorly at neutral or near-neutral pH, then it follows logically that the
> instructions would specify low pH water for the iron linkage.  Binding is a
> different
> function from holding, although there is still likely non-trivial exchange
> at the
> higher pH level.

My impression is that chelation is done at the manufacturing plant and 
when you get the stuff, dry or not, it's already chelated.

If I followed the directions on most aquarium products I would have a 
tank with no NO3 and phosphate absorbing-sponges while scratching my 
head about all the algae I have.

Jerry Baker
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