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Re: [APD] Water soluble micros needs low pH?

Jerry Baker wrote:

Daniel Larsson wrote:
>> But IF you mix the micro-powder with a water of pH 4-5 the chelating
>> will
>> bind with the micro nutrients and THEN it will be less pH-dependent

>This begs the question: why mix with low pH water when you're just going
>to add it to a higher pH tank? There's no sense in mixing it in water
>with a lower pH than your tank.

I don't know the chelating agent used, but if the agent binds best at low
and poorly at neutral or near-neutral pH, then it follows logically that the
instructions would specify low pH water for the iron linkage.  Binding is a
function from holding, although there is still likely non-trivial exchange
at the
higher pH level.  It may be un-American, but in the absence of strong
reasons to the
contrary: "When all else fails, follow the instructions."


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