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Re: [APD] Relation bwteen Hair Algae & Micros

I believe Saugata Banerjee wrote this email section below:
> Hi! All,
> Have been trying to figure out the cause for Hair Algae and the ways to
> erradicate them. During this process have come across many contradictory
> information (on the Internet)- some say dosing micro will increase the
> presence of Hair Alage whereas others say the reverse, i.e., dosing micro
> will not enhance hair algae. What's the take of planted tank experts?
> In case the tank is having "Hair Algae" problem should we dose micros or
> not?
> Clarifications will help a lot in sustaining my interest in Planted Tanks.

Ok I'll take the bait.

What is 'Micros' please? :-)

Stuart Halliday
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