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[APD] Water soluble micros needs low pH?

I've come across a Swedish reference on the subject 
of how one should mix water soluble micronutrients 
(like CSM+B). It says the chelates are rendered useless 
if one try to mix water soluble micronutrients with 
ordinary tapwater. The chelates breaks down before 
they become useful if the water pH is above 4-5.

I use a micronutrient-powder called "NutriSi" (almost 
exactly like CSM+B) that has 50% EDTA and 50% 
DTPA iron. I get iron-deficiency-symptoms even if I 
dose the equivalent of 1 ppm Fe (10 times the 
recommended 0,1 ppm) several times a week. I roll
 it with tapwater (pH 8, KH 2, GH 3, Ca 22 ppm, 
Mg 2 ppm), but after this I think I will try to get some
 citric acid to lower the tap to pH 4 before I mix it with 
the powder.

Would it suffice to use distilled water or do one need 
to use some kind of acid also?

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best regards
Daniel Larsson, Sweden.
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