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[APD] Sand, Degree of Packing

i have a 5g tank with fine beach type sand and i have never had plants grow
so well for me. it compacted fast but this didnt seem to affect the plants
at all, they grow under lower lighting of 14w sounds alot on a 5 but isnt
even that bright, i have no co2 and dont fert very often.
i got this sand from a gravel company and it had lots of mud mixed in with
it, i rinced it out once but it was still very muddy with small pieces of
clay mixed in.
i got tired of cleaning it fast so just put it in as it came to me, and it
worked wonderfully.
i recomend sand to everyone now it grows better than my flourite did.
remember that plant roots can grow through pavement and break house
foundations so i think a bit of compacted sand would be no problem.
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