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Re: [APD] Eheim for sump pump

Billionzz at aol_com wrote:
> Hi,
>  I am considering adding a sump to my tank because I like some of the
> advantages, such as heater in the sump, constant water level, etc..
> I really don't know a lot about using this type of a system right now I
> running an Eheim 2026 and a Eheim 2028 on my 120g tank.
> What I would like to do is use one of these Eheims to pump the water back
> the tank from my sump. So the water would be filtered thru the sump then
>  the Eheim before returning to the tank.

I have tried a 90G set-up with 15 G sump and using an Eheim 2028 as return
2 problems:
1) The pump was hard to prime with the built -in priming mechanism. ( too
much head? ) , also some issues with gas build up stopping the flow.
2) the turnover will probably not be vey high compared to the rated output,
Depends on your needs but mine was not enough. I replaced the Eheim
canister with a Eheim pond pump piped up to the sump. I guess it depends a
lot on the head backpressure. In my case the 2028 had to pump up almost 3-4
feet , static head ,not taking into account bends, spraybars , valves,...
The canister can help you out if you don't have construction time for sump
external piping  but expect some fiddling. YMMV.
I rather advise a submersible pump with maximum head of 2 times the height
difference between sump surface and aquarium surface . Most pump
characteristics give you still reasonable result. check out the capacity vs
head graph , found in the owners literature or box of the pump. The cost
for a submersible pump is not excessive compared to expensive canister
plastic .


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