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[APD] Re: Otos vs Amanos

I don't have amanos, but my ottos love tetra colour bits. They're usually spread enough over the bottom of the tank that an otto can get to one or two without much hassle, whereas if the food were in a confined location, there;s more likely to be issues with competing amanos.


Try algae wafers. Pick your brand, I like hikari products.
Craig Morrison

Thanks for the reply, Craig. Perhaps however, I need to reiterate my
question. How do you get the food to the Otocinclus before the shrimp grab
it? It doesn't matter what I try to feed the Otos, the shrimp greedily eat
it all, and their frenzy annoys the Otos away from the food. Also, on other
sites where I've done research, Otos apparently don't prefer the algae
So again, does anyone else have this competition issue, and how do you get
around it?

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