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Re: [APD] Protein skimming and plants

Thomas Barr wrote:
"Protein Skimmers don't work on freshwater due to the differences in density between fresh and salt water. To be honest, plants do a much better job of cleansing the water than all but the most efficient skimmers, and then probably even more. Water changes are a fact of aquarium keeping that we can't get around no matter what, unfortunately.

Best, Phil Edwards"

We can get around water changes, but we need to slow the inputs and outputs down and do a non CO2 method.
We can also provide a wetland style treatment for larger scaled projects. A simple plant filter added to a Discus tank without any plants in the tank itself did preform quite well and the fish bred, even after 2 years without a single water change.

Some plant filtration systems can out preform skimmers in many ways, one is initial cost and on going electrical cost, light can be free for plant filters outside the tank. All that is needed is a relative small amount of flow to remove all the waste. Skimmers need lots of air and water movement.

Ozone can be added to improve efficency in FW protein skimming systems.

Regards, Tom Barr

The interesting question is in a non-CO2 tank, does a skimmer dissolve enough CO2 to avoid decalification?

Louis Lin
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