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Re: [APD] Otos vs Amanos

RJ Skall wrote:
Thanks for the reply, Craig. Perhaps however, I need to reiterate my question. How do you get the food to the Otocinclus before the shrimp grab it? It doesn't matter what I try to feed the Otos, the shrimp

I break the wafer up into four pieces and toss it into different parts of the tank.

greedily eat it all, and their frenzy annoys the Otos away from the food. Also, on other sites where I've done research, Otos apparently don't prefer the algae wafers.

Hmm, well, my oto seems to love them. Little bugger will camp out on them until he has snarfed up the pieces..


One other thing I do is let one wall of the tank go and not scrape it. The back wall of my tank has a nice coating of diatoms on it which I do nothing to prevent. Kind of a snack bar for the oto and the hillstream loaches.

Craig Morrison
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