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[APD] Re: Jiffy pots

Thanks for your replies.  I knew there had to be some reasons to stay
away from those things.

Jim N.

>> Jiffy 701's have fertilizer, 703's don't; there are other types as
>> You don't want the 701's. Wrong fertilizer.
>It makes no difference at all, as both contain so much lime they should 
>never be used in aquaria without boiling and rinsing very well.
>Dunk either 701s or 703s straight into a tank, as is, and your pH will 
>go high enough that the slightest trace of ammonium (and there is plenty

>enough in the peat) will turn to lethal (in piscine terms) amounts of 
>ammonia. The plants will enjoy the rotting fish carcasses. :-)
>Boil pellets and forget the number.
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