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[APD] An amusement, nothing more

<Blowing My Own Horn = ON>

I've not been much into aquatic content lately but Karla's Native American
pottery collection has inspired me to update our website
(www.users.frii.com/gbooth) a bit.  Mostly eye-candy and not many pottery
pictures yet. No new content, aquatically speaking.

But  I found  a lovely little aquatic eye-candy effect some years ago and
was finally provoked to add it to Aquatic Concepts. Check out the Aquatic
Concepts home page.  Just amusement, nothing else.

The mirror site doesn't have it yet, so you'll have to check the Real Thing.
If you feel like it. A few hundred Kbytes of download to get it so dial-up
weenies (like me) may want to pass.

George Booth in Ft. Collins, CO (gbooth at frii dot com)
 The website for Aquatic Gardeners by Aquatic Gardeners
   http://aquaticconcepts.thekrib.com/  (mirror)

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