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Re: [APD] Jiffy pots

At 01:20 AM 1/24/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>I am wondering if Jiffy pots (there are probably other brands as well)
>could be used in an aquarium.  These are the biodegradable pots that are
>often used to start seedlings indoors, and then they are planted directly
>in the soil, and roots can grow through the pots.  I believe they are
>made out of peat.  I was thinking that maybe certain plants, such as the
>rubin sword I bought today, may benefit from being placed in one of these
>pots with some laterite or even soil, and a small piece of a Jobe stick,
>before being placed in the tank.  Good idea or bad?  Thanks.

Good? Bad? Nah. Just weird :-)

Jiffy 701's have fertilizer, 703's don't; there are other types as well.
You don't want the 701's. Wrong fertilizer.


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