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[APD] New to live plants.

Hello All, I am new to this list, so I might ask so dumb questions. First let me say, I have a 75 gallon freshwater tank with a couple of Oscars in there, with a mated pair of Green Terors, and an Electric Blub Hap. I recently put some live Jungle Val grass, some Wisteria, and some Anacharis grass in there. I have ordered some more plants froma dealer in Florida, and here is my questions: my substrate is small creek-like pebbles, so can I leave it like that, or should I change the sustrate altogether? All of my plants right now are submerged beneath the gravel, and it is holding them fine. What about putting the new plants in the tiny little pots, and sitting them in the tank? Should they be re-potted, or can I just plant them in the gravel? I do add Tetra-Flora plant food, and they seem to be doing fine. Any commens would be appreciated.
Dan in Ohio

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