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Re: [APD] AGA SPAM: "Classic TAG" Archive now on CD

Just a personal opinion:

These are scans-meticulously done, by Erik. While helping
to "proof" some of the page-scans for Erik, I kept getting
distracted by the content of the articles. There's a lot of
really terriffic, helpful, interesting stuff. I bought the
first one -- well, actually the second -- the blizzard shut
down my computer for a while.

If you're a genious that knows everything there is to know
about aquatic gardening, then you two won't be all that
interested. But for the rest of us, I can see this as a
handy reference and fun reading.

You can see an index by author, by issue, by subject
on-line at AGA to get an idea of what's in all the TAGs. No
other journal or magazine has this much good plant info,
which is why the AGA was created in the first place.

--- Erik Olson <erik at thekrib_com> wrote:

> The Short version:
> http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/merch.html
> Years in the making, even more years in the
> procrastination, it's finally 
> available: The Aquatic Gardeners Association Presents...
> A Comprehensive TAG Archive 1986-2001, now on CD-ROM or

Christel Kasselmann, 
author of the best current authoritative text on aquatic plants 
will be a featured speaker at 
The Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies 30th Annual Convention.
March 18-20, 2005 at the Marriott Hotel, Farmington, CT
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