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Re: [APD] Java Fern

I simply put a dumb resin ornament on part of the rhizome that held it
down to the gravel. But I didn't "plant" it under the surface. It took
root fine into the gravel and has been there ever since. Then I
removed the ornament.

Although they grow very slowly and I do not often add ferts (and never
CO2, which probably keeps it growing even slower) it has tripled in
size since I bought it a couple years ago. I realize most folks do tie
it to stuff, but I didn't have anything suitable in the tank at the
time.   If memory serves it did take a while to root in to the gravel.
The rhizome is completely above the surface of the gravel, with part
of it touching the gravel and part isn't.

If its helpful here are the tank specs: 20 gal, 55 watts light via PC
indirect sun in summer months, UGF w/power head,  planted with 1 large
amazon sword, a few smaller swords, some various vals (very small),
wierd hairy growths on the powerhead but no other (visible) algae,
fish load: 8 small tetras, 1 ghost shrimp, 10 or so MTS. My fert
schedule and water change schedule is irregular.

David Noal

> Is it acceptable to plant java fern directly in to the substrate or is
> it preferred to tie this plant to a rock or driftwood?
> Thanks,
> Randy
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