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[APD] Mini tanks

For those local, there are some very cool small box sets of tanks available.
Cool mini tanks, 10, 6, 4, 3, 2 1 gal bent glass fronts, rimless, frame
I have 2 sets for some smaller scape projects, these are very nice tanks
and their dimensions are nice as well.
If you live in the Sac/Bay area, I can tell you where to get them or russle
them for you. They are quite reasonable for the entire set.
Click on "image galleries" and create a user name/password to view it.   
The largest is a 10 gal long, 24x12Hx8.5D, perfect for lighting issues.The
6 is 18"L etc.
They came packed in a set, a box within a box within box etc. Azoo makes a
mini filter and a clip on 13 and 7 w PC light with a similar spectrum to
the Triton(7200K) so you can set one up easily or the whole set for not a
Then you can keep killis or many other fish isolated in their on tanks.  

Small tanks are good for demos for clubs, schools, events also.
When you are done, you can pick the whole tank up drain off most of the
water, and lay wet paper towels over it and take it home already planted.
When you get home, fill with water and plug in.
Not a bad raffel item. 

Tom Barr

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