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[APD] nitrogen requirements

I understand the NItrogen/ NItrate is one of the macronutrients and essential for plants. I also notice that many of you supplement it.

My question is this:

If you have a heavy fishload, could you get by with just the nitrogen the fish leave behind? I have a 40 gallon long with 17 cardinals, 7 dwarf loaches, 4 SAEs, 2 apistos and a few odd tetras. I don't really dose N by itself, although I add iron and potassium every few days, as well as Tropica Mastergrow after a water change.

My tank specs are pressurized CO2 about 25ppm, 260W Compact Flourescent. Full 130W for 10 hours, the other 130W goes on for 4 hours of the 10.

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