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Re: [APD] Water changes/waste buildup calculator

>"Richard J. Sexton" <richard at aquaria_net> writes:
>>Yeah, it's to show dilution from water changes. I have no idea of the math
>>involved in anyting else to say nothing of Diana Wolsted's "never change"
>>water regime.
>Do you only fertilize your plants once and consider it done? Of course not.
>If you're going to ignore consumption because you can't calculate it, then
>you can come up with all sorts of ridiculous conclusions.
>There is absolutely nothing in fish food that doesn't get turned into a form
>that plants can consume.

Adreneline? Humic acids leeching from wood?

>While your calculator does indeed produce scary numbers for limited
>water-change scenarios, those numbers don't have any correlation to actual

I amde no claims it was. It's just to show how dilution works.


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