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RE: [APD] Seachem Flourish Nitrogen

For the recommended levels we are shooting for though (5-10 ppm in this case), isn't that referring to just nitrate and not total nitrogen?

Yes and Yes ;-). Yes, it referse to nitrate but it also is referring to total nitrogen because (I assume) the orginators of the recommendation are assuming one would only be adding a nitrate source. Before Flourish Nitrogen I don't believe there were any non-nitrate nitrogen additive products (at least no commercially available).

understanding is the target is 5-10 ppm nitrate.  If that is the case, isn't
the number I am getting from my test kit, without adding anything to it, the
number I am looking for with regards to the target range?

If the recommednation is 10 pppm nitrate then that means you should have the amount of nitrogen found in 10 ppm of nitrate (2.26 ppm of nitrogen). If you add Flourish Nitrogen directions for adding an amount of nitrogen equivalent to that found in 10 ppm of nitrate then you will be adding the recommended amount (2.26 ppm of nitrogen).

If you measure nitrate after that addition it will read 5 ppm - because half of the nitrgon added is from nitrate (1.13 ppm of nitrogen is contained within 5 ppm of nitrate).

The non-nitrate portion of Flourish N. added is also equivalent to 1.13 ppm of nitrogen... in other words that 1.13 ppm of non-nitrate nitrogen is equivalent to the amount of nitrogen you would have if it were in the nitrate form.

So together you've added the recommened amount of nitrogen (2.26 ppm). And since 2.26 ppm of nitrogen is contained within 10 ppm of nitrate it as though you added 10 ppm of nitrate.

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