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[APD] Plants

Hi all.  Been reading this group for a while now and thought I should ask
for some advice.  I currently have a 60gal. tall hex.  It's currently
sparsly planted (getting ready to move).

Current stocking is 2 common plecs, 3 blue gouramis, 1 gold gouramis, 2
moonlite gouramis, 4 honey gouramis, 1 dojo loach, 3 albino corys, 3
Australlian Rainbows, 3 Bosmine (sp?) Rainbows, and maybe 15-20 neon tetras.
Currently filtered by a Fluval 404 with ceramic chips and floss.

I bought a PC light setup with fans, but not going to switch to that till
after I plant the aquarium to avoid a green water bloom.

Looking for advice as to what plants I can get that the plecos and rainbows
won't consider lunch.  My substrate is 45 pounds of Volcanit mixed with 10
pounts of brown wonder-rock if that helps.

Any advice as to what plants would work would be greatly appreciated.  Not
planning on doing CO2.

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