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Re: [APD] Re: ecosystem in aquarium

>I think there is even a tale of Erik's somewhere on theKrib
>about a planted tank that almost crossed over to being a
>"balanced" tank. But I can't find it right now. 

I had a balanced tank once. It was about 5 years ago
and I becme way too busy for fish and sorta just 
ignored them. 

One tank was a 20 gal tall, with lights on timers,
6 pair of Aphyosemion bitaeniatum, a lot of
java moss and thread algae.

I kept saying to myself "I have to feed those
things. Tomorrow. They look fine today". It
had a tight fitting cover and for TWO YEARS
the tank was fine. No fitler, no food. The 
light grew algae, the algae was a home for
little bugs of all sorts and the fish came and
went. Sometimes a fish would die. Sometimes new
fish appeared. But the water never changed level
(very tight fittng lid) and there were always
about 6 pair of fish in there. 

One week the lights failed. Everything was
dead a week later.

It was an unholy green mess to look at at the
best of times, but it was self sustaining with
only the addition of some light.


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