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[APD] Re: ecosystem in aquarium

Ramon wrote: "...However, this is just an ideal view and very few aquarists suggest
not using biological filtration at all."

Count me as one of the "very few". A heavily planted, lightly stocked planted aquarium merely needs mechanical filtration. The plants themselves are more than capable of removing any undesirable substances in the water from biological processes. This doesn't mean that I have never used biological filtration, but since moving to heavily planted aquariums about 10-15 years ago, most of my "biological filters" are in the closet. My main "filters" are purely for mechanical filtration and water circulation.

"However such a claim may be extended to the partial
water changes in an aquarium. Hobbyists encounter the problem of maintaining
water parameters at an optimum level suggested by the experts. I.e. General
hardness 2- 5 dh and KH 3 - 5"

Now, who told you that you HAVE to have those parameters? Plants generally don't care what the GH is and KH is mainly needed to ensure pH stability.

"Tap water may contain very high GH and it is really frustrating to lower
such values using appropriate resins especially where relatively large
aquaria are concerned."

Save your money. You don't need all of those expensive resins. (I have loads of the stuff I bought years ago and have never used)

"...does it make sense to change
one third of the tank volume fortnightly? "

I think that it makes perfect sense. Like opening a door or window to allow fresh air into your home.

people talk about 'aged' water. Do they mean water which has accumulated
substances not used by plants and not absorbed by filtration?"

I believe that the "aged water" myth has more to do with chlorine in most tap water. Allowing water containing chlorine to stand for 24 hours will let the chlorine off-gas, making it safe for fish. Note that this does NOT work if your water contains Chloramines (Chlorine + Ammonia). In that case, you must use a proper water conditioner to deal with the chloramines (such as Seachem Prime).

Are you familiar with Biosphere 2? Millions of dollars were spent in an attempt to create a self contained "ecosystem". It never worked, and the property is now for sale.

A successful aquarist learns to work WITH Nature, not against it.

Lots of myths, very little sense.


James Purchase

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