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[APD] Robotic Fish (for the True Hard Core Plant Aquarist)

I thought this was cute, so here it is:
Using Effective Electroactive Polymers (EAP),
(also known as 'artificial muscles'), we can
create neat creatures and insects, including
*artificial fish*.  For you *hard core* plant
people, now you can have your really nice
aquatic gardens without dealing with those 
annoying fish.  ;-))

(That's a joke, yes, fish waste is a part 
of the nitrogen cycle. ;-)

Commercial products started showing up in
Dec 2002, like these fish from Eamex of Japan.

What makes it interesting, IMHO:

* Good "real-life" movement.
* NO BATTERIES, NO MOTOR.  (It derives power
from inductive coils that are energized from
the top and bottom of the fish tank.)  (That's
another description for the word "MAGIC".)

It's tough to get info on the product
(apparently for sale in Japan only right now),
but you can see a video at:


Now I can *finally* have realistic saltwater
fish in my freshwater tank.  ;-)))  I can't
seem to find the "seahorse" product line, nor
the "man-eating Mako Shark" product line,
though.  Let me know if you stumble across
that first.  ;-))


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