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[APD] Seachem Flourish Nitrogen

Greg Morin said with regards to testing for nitrogen...

So for example, you actually added 5 ppm worth of actual nitrate and 
an equivalent quantity of nitrogen in the complexed ammoniacal form. 
If one were to express this equivalent quantity of nitrogen in terms 
of nitrate equivalence it would be 5 ppm. But it's not in the 
"nitrate" form per se so it of course does not show up a nitrate test 
kit... but in your case you fall under the ideal scenario of simply 
doubling the reading to get a reasonable estimate of how much 
nitrogen is in the system in terms of nitrate equivalence.

Am I taking something out of context here?  Does this apply to all test kits
or is it just the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals one?  I test nitrate with a
Lamotte kit.  Should I double what I get for the actual nitrogen reading in
my tank?  I have to multiply it times 4.4 now but I can't remember exactly
why, I think that converts it to nitrogen from nitrate.  Should I have been
doubling that number?  I am currently dosing 15 mL twice a week in a 92
gallon.  The target range is 5-10ppm and I try to stay around the upper end
of that range so it doesn't bottom out if I forget the mid-week dose.  

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