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Re: [APD] MH Lighting Bulbs + quad compact flourscent bulbs

Woo? Serious? Just wanted to confirm, so any 96 watt tube with square pin
works? Sweet...

Thxs for the link scott, http://www.hellolights.com/96watquad67s.html
Acutally I went to this one after sending that e-mail last night
That's a pretty sweet price $30 USD 
but after shipping they'll prob be around the same price as what my LFS
carries the coralife ones for ($80 CND around $62 USD)(+ they don't ship to
canada =( )
.. For 96 watts of light doesn't seem that outrageous to me, but those metal
halide bulbs are pretty inexpensive then $40 CND for 250watts of light...
(but one pendant won't cover a 4' tank too well, need atleast 2 I believe)

That's the main problem for me though, more light = (more?) co2 = more
nutreients = faster plant growth = more pruning = no stem plants for me...

Err I guess my main concern is does this $30 4-tube 96 watt work just as
well? So according to ur last post the coralife is just packaging and
markup...so should be alright...

That's enough blabbing for now


From: "Richard J. Sexton" <richard at aquaria_net>
Subject: Re: [APD] MH Lighting Bulbs + quad compact flourscent bulbs
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>Oh another question, I recently picked up from my LFS for a pretty
>cheap/awesome price, a used Coralife Aqualight. It uses the 96-watt 6700k
>4-tube (quad) compact fluorescent lamp. Are these type of lights
>proprietary? Or can I use alternatives?

Nope. Yep - any 96W tube will work.

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