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Re: [APD] MH Lighting Bulbs + quad compact flourscent bulbs (2 q's)

RE the quad bulb: 

The 96w quad tubes are harder to find than many other
compact fluorescent bulbs. I think they are a Panasonic
design with the the pins in a 4-square arrangement.
If your bulbs are square--pin-arrangement, then these bulbs
from Hellolights.com should work:


Specially packaged bulbs can cost as much as double as
similar bulbs from a discount supply source. $40 for a
decent MH bulb is a pretty good price from what I've seen. 

Imo, Coralife makes/distributes high quality equipment
although some of it is presented for very high prices.

By all means, shop around. And try to get specs when you
shop around. If you can't get specs, then stick with a
trusted dealer.

Not a lot of help in that but anyway,
good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

--- Raymond Wong <rwong2k at telus_net> wrote:

> G'day everyone!
> I have a question and I'm a super noob about MH lighting,
> is there a difference between coralife bulbs MH bulbs and
> bulbs that you buy
> from the hydroponic store ?, the hydroponic store quoted
> me $40 for a 6500K
> bulb and the prices i've seen for the coralife bulbs are
> around $199 or $99
> i forgot
> or was i quoted the wrong price?
> Oh another question, I recently picked up from my LFS for
> a pretty
> cheap/awesome price, a used Coralife Aqualight. It uses
> the 96-watt 6700k
> 4-tube (quad) compact fluorescent lamp. Are these type of
> lights
> proprietary? Or can I use alternatives (or should I even
> or can I consider)
> Any links or reference links would be apperciated =)
> thx in advance
> Raymond
> http://atobe.deviantart.com
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