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[APD] MH Lighting Bulbs + quad compact flourscent bulbs (2 q's)

G'day everyone!

I have a question and I'm a super noob about MH lighting,
is there a difference between coralife bulbs MH bulbs and bulbs that you buy
from the hydroponic store ?, the hydroponic store quoted me $40 for a 6500K
bulb and the prices i've seen for the coralife bulbs are around $199 or $99
i forgot

or was i quoted the wrong price?

Oh another question, I recently picked up from my LFS for a pretty
cheap/awesome price, a used Coralife Aqualight. It uses the 96-watt 6700k
4-tube (quad) compact fluorescent lamp. Are these type of lights
proprietary? Or can I use alternatives (or should I even or can I consider)

Any links or reference links would be apperciated =)

thx in advance


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