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[APD] Re: Snail removal (clown loach)

Clown Loaches keep me from ever seeing a snail in their tank, no
matter how many I put in there.  They never bother java ferns,
wisteria, rotala, or crypts, but I cannot grow aponogeton crispus-they
eat the lower stems, letting the leaves float free.  This is the only
plant they've bothered, but I do not have anything as
fine/small/delicate as glosso

I've got some glosso and riccia and the clown loaches are no problem with disturbing the plants, kinda fun actually once the glosso gets real thick and the clowns start feeling around inside.
If you get some clowns though, you should have some caves or hiding spots as they love to cram themselves into the smallest places to hide. I just got a few slabs of slate (with a hammer to make my own sized pieces) and aquarium silicon glue and built a couple of shelters for them. I just love my 3 clowns, I drop one sinking pellet food into the tank and watch as one grabs it in his mouth (just like a little hand) and runs off with it and tries and hide from the other two :P


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