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Re: [APD] New and Rare West African Killies

>Distributing such fish does the hobby no favor, and all the species 
>listed as coming in are readily available in the US or Europe from 
>responsible collectors and hobbyists who put the hobby first. [Try the 
>N&RSC of the AKA.] Can you tell female *similis* and *aberrans* apart? 
>I'll guarantee you that the Lagos commercial exporters have never even 
>tried, in the past. Forgive me if I doubt things have changed much.

Don't worry, I'm expecting the worst and at the end of the day will
rely on Oliver Lucanus, he seems to be the "one honest man" in
all of this. Here's what Haydn Pounder said this morning, which
echos yours and Tony Terceira's comments:

>From: FISHEADS02 at aol_com (Haydn Pounder)
>Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 10:51:32 EST
>Subject:  SJO Niger Delta
>Hello Richard, Does Tom know this guy in Nigeria very well? Also has he 
>gotten fish from him before? Be very carefull about what these guys promise
as the 
>fish are not always what they send. I am interested in some cichlids from 
>Nigeria but remember I have a very good contact in Nigeria and I still let
>deal with the headaches. Oliver has a very good Nigerian source as well that 
>he uses. He would be more than happy to let you special order. Remeber with
>these shippers you are getting 200 to 600 killis in each bag! With Oliver  he 
>orders it in then you order what you want. He is suppose to be getting the 
>Nigerian order in at the end of January as well as the ordser from Ghana (
>will be a shippment that will have fish brand new to the hobby and also the 
>first Fp. Walkeri from Ghana since the 70's) Ghana is going to be a country
>will have many new fish coming from there in the next 10 years because most 
>of the water ways have never been collected. Oliver is also having his guy 
>collect in the area of the only know collection site of Fp. sjoestedi out of 
>Nigeria and the Cameroons. This should be a new species as it is signifacantly 
>different form the regular blue gularis we see. 
>Talk to you later Richard. 


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