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[APD] Re: Timers

X10 can be temperamental.   Line noise can be a problem, especially with
older wiring.  I use it for some household lighting, but not my
aquarium.  Computer integration is a big plus though.

Another option would be to use 12vdc activated outlets.  I have seen
power strips that are being made for aquariums on the internet.  I can't
remember an address right now, however.   These are then controlled with
an inexpensive lawn irrigation timer.  The irrigation timer uses 12vdc
as a control signal for the outlets (relays) and allows more complex
timing schedules than most outlet timers.  You can probably find 12vdc
outlets through home automation companies.

There is also a digital timer at Aquatic Ecosystems that, I believe, can
have 6 on & 6 off events a day for a minimum interval of 1 minute.  It
is a 7-day timer so each day is independent.  $42.00

Hope that helped,

Shawn Richardson

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