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Re: Subject: [APD] re: snail removal

On 16/1/2005 5:43, "Lorenzo Rota" <lorenzo1961 at hotmail_com> wrote:

> Thomas Cichlid

I looked it up on Fishbase and it is down there as Anomalochromis thomasi
which is a small peaceful Cichlid.   Is it as good as Clown Loach for
removing snails.    I can have Clown Loach here in the Northern Territory
but not that Cichlid because it is not on the allowable live import list for
Australia.   I am looking for a bio control that will wipe out snails all
together.   Clown loach do not do well in the water after I use trichlorofon
to kill the insects that eat my plants.  A local underwater moth caterpillar
(genus - Nymphula) that eats the growing heart of plants and kills them
causing devastation in my plant ponds and aquaria.   Scaled fishes such as
the local rainbowfish are not affected by trichlorofon, however our native
catfish die.

Part of the joys of living in the tropics.    The tadpoles of Roth's Tree
frog that grow to 5 inches long eat the rest of the plants that the bugs
don't get.

All these suggestions for snail control are greatly appreciated.


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