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Re: [APD] re: snail removal

Clown Loaches keep me from ever seeing a snail in their tank, no
matter how many I put in there.  They never bother java ferns,
wisteria, rotala, or crypts, but I cannot grow aponogeton crispus-they
eat the lower stems, letting the leaves float free.  This is the only
plant they've bothered, but I do not have anything as
fine/small/delicate as glosso.  They do like picking over the top
layer of gravel regularly.  Clown loaches also like being in groups,
so if you go this route, get two or three.  which means, don't get
them if you have a really small tank.
     I actually keep a 10 gallon aquarium now just full of java ferns
for the purpose of having a snail colony to give my loaches treats
from now and then.  This is their favorite food.
     Some of the other kinds of loaches do not grow so large.  Here's
your information source for these snail eating fish:

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 10:21:54 -0800, Rachel Sandage
<rachelsor at hotmail_com> wrote:
> FWIW my glosso has never been the same since I added 3 dwarf loaches (B. sidthimunki) to my 72
> gallon - they seem to delight in uprooting it.
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>   I agree that puffers are a good means of getting rid of snails. But unless
>   you are such a purist to have a Dutch aquarium without any fish in it, then
>   avoid at all costs puffers in the aquarium. Note that tiger loaches are also
>   quite aggressive and not recommended. Botia Lohachata (marbled or Pakistani
>   Loach)  and the dwarf loaches suggested by Terry should be up to the job
>   with flying colours.
>   As regard to loaches avoid at all costs :   Botia Beauforti and botia
>   hymenophysa/ helodes (tiger loach), the former being highly aggressive.
>   Regards, R. Vella
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