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Re: [APD] Re: Snails and Loaches

They can indeed be fun fish to watch.

My pair of yoyos seem to have more personality than the my
several clowns. Yoyo-diet and the clowns tend to get pushed
around by Yo-mama. No damage, just a definite pecking
order, first choice feeding rights, squatter's rights for
real estate, and like that.

The clowns get along well enough and I think they prefer to
be in groups -- can't call it a school because they're too
disorderly -- there's a lessen to be learned there, I
suppose ;-)

Of course, in much larger groups the behavior is probably
tempered. Then again, temperance groups can get unruly too.

Scott H.

--- Terry Barber <terbarb at alltel_net> wrote:

> I second the use of loaches for the snail problem.  But
> clown loaches can
> get pretty large.  The smaller species will eat them like
> popcorn also.
> I keep Yo-yo (Botia almorhae), Skunk Loach (Botia horae)
> and Striated (Botia
> striata) all together in one tank.  Not a hint of a
> snail.  When other tanks
> get too many, I just dump them in the botia tank for
> quick disposal.
> They are also fun little fish to watch.  Also the skunk
> loaches make a loud
> clicking sound when they chase each other- took me awhile
> to figure out what
> in the world was going on in that tank for awhile<g>.

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