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Re: [APD] Re: Penac (and Innes)

At 12:31 PM 1/13/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>Richard said:
>"Look what Innes said about fertilizers in 1930. Has anybody actually tried
>I reply:
>In the circa 1948 edition of "Exotic Aquarium Fishes", on page 105, Innes
>  "(Fertilizing)  is a noble experiment but a dangerous one".  . . . " It
>belongs in the
>  same category as placing a layer of soil under the sand, only a few
>degrees more
>  dangerous."
>  "It has been proven many times that Fish Fertilize Plants."
>  "However, if any readers feel that their plants are in need of added
>  the most approved method of supplying it is by making a liquor of
>pulverized sheep
>  manure . . . and shooting it into the sand."
>  He also said that "Planttabs" can also be used, as can rabbit or guinea
>pig droppings.
>Is that what you were referring to?

Yeah. Doesn't sound good does it? I snixker when I hear of
anything to do with magents and water or fuel, BUT I havn't
tried it and have an open (but suspicious) mind.


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