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[APD] Eelgrass substitute

Hi all, I'm interested in designing an estuary biotope tank and I was hoping to use Vallisneria americana as a substitute for eelgrass.  The Vallisneria I have I 'think' is species americana at least, but it seems to grow to only about 17" or so.  Is that consistent with the species?  Its a native species in the Chesapeake Bay system which is practically next door to me and I know it will withstand a mesohaline salinity level.. about 5 to 17ppt.  Has anyone kept it at a higher salinity, around 20 to 22ppt?  This is the range that eelgrass usually thrives in.  I'm wondering if I can train/convince the Vals... ??  I may have more luck asking the fish to go to the low end of their salinity levels.  Alternatively, has anyone done anything with eelgrass? (Or any of the other seagrasses?) I'm not too keen on getting a species that will grow to be several feet as the tank I had in mine is long and not very tall.  
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