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[APD] Re: Penac (and Innes)

Richard said:

"Look what Innes said about fertilizers in 1930. Has anybody actually tried

I reply:

In the circa 1948 edition of "Exotic Aquarium Fishes", on page 105, Innes

  "(Fertilizing)  is a noble experiment but a dangerous one".  . . . " It
belongs in the
  same category as placing a layer of soil under the sand, only a few
degrees more

  "It has been proven many times that Fish Fertilize Plants."

  "However, if any readers feel that their plants are in need of added
  the most approved method of supplying it is by making a liquor of
pulverized sheep
  manure . . . and shooting it into the sand."

  He also said that "Planttabs" can also be used, as can rabbit or guinea
pig droppings.

Is that what you were referring to?


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