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[APD] shutoff solenoid

Hi gang,

I'd like to add a shutoff solenoid to my injection system to lengthen the time between cylinder refills. What is the consensus for the most reliable 120 volt solenoid to use. I tried an ASCO solenoid that was rated from 5-200 psi, but valving the cylinder out proved that the solenoid wasn't holding the pressure. I tried it on both sides of the needle valve. Obviously the pressure after the needle, was much less than 5 psi but the secondary (regulated) side of the cylinder runs about 25 psi. I was hopeful that this would be enough head pressure to keep the solenoid shut but as stated it didn't appear to fit the bill. I'm running one of the home made reactors with a gravel vac chamber and a small Rio. With the solenoid unplugged, and the pump off I observed bubbles coming out of the co2 feed tube in the clear chamber. Proof that the solenoid wasn't holding. All fittings are tight and Teflon taped, so I think leakage via the threads is nil, although I didn't hit them with any soap. Any and all recommendations for a solenoid that will work is appreciated.

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