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Re: [APD] Re: narrowleaf java fern

That's quite skinny!  So, there are how many kinds of Java Fern that
we know of now?
Java Fern
Java Fern "Windelov"  - Fringy leaf tips
Java Fern "Tropica"     - Fringy leaf edges
Java Fern "Narrowleaf"  -Skinny leaves
Java Fern "Phillipine"    -Pebbly surface

     Have I missed any?  Wouldn't it be an interesting project to do a
low tech or low light tank with only different varieties of Java Fern?
 I've done a tank with only Regular and Windelov.  Would combining
these affect things like losing characteristic traits?  Would these
varieties all cross after a while of growing in one tank, to form one
generic "Java Fern-esqe" plant?
     Forgive my enthusiasm, but Java fern was my fern, and one of my
most successful plant, and the only one goldfish do not seem to eat!

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 19:06:08 -0800, Robert H <robertph3 at comcast_net> wrote:
> >>Anyone on this list keep this plant? I just saw some from tropica and this
> version looks great (tempted to buy it....) does it revert back to larger
> leaves like the 'tropica' java fern?<<
> Raymond, this plant first made its way into the USA to many people from  Loh
> in Singapore who sent plants to people who donated to the APD defense fund a
> couple years ago. The plant has become a stock item of Oriental Aquarium and
> is now available to people in the USA who import from OA. I have not heard
> from anyone I have sold the plant to or experienced myself the plant
> reverting its shape. It seems to be a true variant. Karen Randall has stated
> there are two types of narrow leaf Java fern, tall and short.  This
> distinction however is not made by Oriental Aquarium.
> Here is a picture by Mike from my forum:
> http://www.aquabotanic.com/abstore/media/narrowjava.jpg
> Here is a picture from RobG of my forum, who reports the plants doubled in
> size since the time of this picture, keeping their original shape.
> http://aquabotanicwetthumb.infopop.cc/eve/ubb.x?s=4006090712&a=ga&ul=3511016611
> I hope this helps
> Robert Hudson
> www.aquabotanic.com
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