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[APD] RE: Apisto's

> Could the higher nitrate levels sustained by me using the EI be stressing 
> the fish out?  I had one pair that only lasted 2 days, and another single 
> male that only lasted a week.  I feed live foods (microworms and viniger 
> eels) and my catfish and shrimp are all fine; my aspidoras and cherry
> both breed with consistency.  Could I have gotten some bad apistos? 

Perhaps, always let the LFS and retailer's take those losses. 
Let them sit there. Many worms come with parasites.Add a little
stress(transport) and they kill the fish.
Vin eels are parasite free essentially.Some folks dope their food as a
preventative and a treatment with medications.
This also works with Saltwater fish with Crypt FYI.  

 I know 
> the LFS keeps them in local tap water (very very very hard, pH 8.2+) and 
> maybe going from soft water to hard water back to soft water was what did 
> them in.  I want to get this worked out, because I am very fond of
> and rams, and would like to get some of either kind.

I think slow acclimation, good food, quarantine would help.
Back and forth is not good I'd say.
You might try from Apisto breeders directly also or get the bags before
they come are dropped into the tanks.
I've always had no issues with them or Discus, Altums or Cardinals or
tetras and other soft water fish.
I've had KH's down to 20ppm and up to 200ppm.

Tom Barr  

> Does anybody have any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Reggie

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