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[APD] Re: narrowleaf java fern

Anyone on this list keep this plant? I just saw some from tropica and this
version looks great (tempted to buy it....) does it revert back to larger
leaves like the 'tropica' java fern?<<

Raymond, this plant first made its way into the USA to many people from Loh in Singapore who sent plants to people who donated to the APD defense fund a couple years ago. The plant has become a stock item of Oriental Aquarium and is now available to people in the USA who import from OA. I have not heard from anyone I have sold the plant to or experienced myself the plant reverting its shape. It seems to be a true variant. Karen Randall has stated there are two types of narrow leaf Java fern, tall and short. This distinction however is not made by Oriental Aquarium.

Here is a picture by Mike from my forum:

Here is a picture from RobG of my forum, who reports the plants doubled in size since the time of this picture, keeping their original shape.

I hope this helps

Robert Hudson

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