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[APD] Treating BBA by communicating oxygen

I'm suffering an outbreak of BBA in my 20 liter tank. Knowing that BBA does
poorly in a high-oxygen environment, I tried a Plocher-like method. I
imprinted the vibrational patterns of oxygen on some dolomite. (Plocher's
website says dolomite is receptive to this.) I put the dolomite in my tank
so it would communicate the oxygen to the surrounding water, and vitalize it
as well.

Unfortunately, my pH spiked and all my fish died, and I still have BBA! Is
it possible I put too much vibrational energy into the dolomite, and the
abundance of minute wavelengths caused the problems?

If I can't get this heuristically developed technology to work, I may have
to resort to junk science like pumping carbon dioxide into my tank...

- Jim

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