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[APD] Don't hog the weed, man........

Scott H wrote:
"ADA products, such as those that ADG is now offering to
folks in the USA, are not for the feint of heart or thin of
wallet. They are exquisitely designed and crafted and they
have prices to match.

I've never seen an aquarium as finely constructed as the
ADA tanks. The joints are things of great beauty."

Nobody is faulting either ADA or ADG Scott. Their products are amazing. I have several ADA pieces, from the days when Art Giacosa carried them.Simply beautiful.

But ADA merely carries Penac products, they have nothing to do with making them. If you check the WWW you will see that the packaging is the same on a number of websites.

My only regret is that I wish I knew to get such powerful weed. Hey man, pass it around, don't hog it all....oh my, such pretty colors...............

James Purchase

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