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Re: [APD] Mobius Strips -- or - Beating our (Amazon) Swords into Plochers

ADA products, such as those that ADG is now offering to
folks in the USA, are not for the feint of heart or thin of
wallet. They are exquisitely designed and crafted and they
have prices to match.

I've never seen an aquarium as finely constructed as the
ADA tanks. The joints are things of great beauty.

Once one gets up into that category of products, getting a
little abstract doctrine (or dogma depending on your belief
in magnetic resonances, unquantifiable energies, etc.)
might provide some emotive if not cerebral comfort. ;-)


Scott H.

--- James Purchase <jppurchase at sympatico_ca> wrote:

> The only possible info which could be presented on Mobius
> Strips would have 
> to be anything on the Plocher System (i.e Penac - see the
> Aquarium Design 
> Group website). Amano must be smoking something through
> those beautiful 
> glass accessories of his. There isn't a shred of
> scientific proof that Penac 
> products do anything other than cost money. On the other
> hand, the prices 
> ADG are charging are FAR less than other websites are
> charging for the same 
> things.

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