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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 17, Issue 22

At 14:40 1/10/2005, Moishe wrote:
I read on Aquabotanic's website that there is a second edition which
corrects certain errors in the first.  Is this edition (October 1,
2002) the latest one?

It turns out this is total bs. There is only one English version, it is the one for which I wrote the index and Karen wrote the common names appendix. It has an ISBN of 1-57524-091-2. The title page says 2003 and the copyright date is 2003. The back cover says it is the 1999 German edition translated. It has only one error that I know of , captions switched on a couple of photos on the same page. Apparently Krieger finally realized he had priced it much too high (like I told him four years ago) and dropped the price (based on a "special printing", which is total bs because he printed a forever supply the first time) by some bucks. He screwed me, because I was sitting on 150 copies. Did he refund part of what I paid? Your guess. Don't lose sleep over the answer.

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