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RE: [APD] pH reduction

I would suggest using peat and also upping the CO2.

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> Sent: Monday, January 10, 2005 10:22 AM
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> Subject: [APD] pH reduction
> Locally here, I have water with a very high pH  (measuring 
> between 8.5 and 
> 9.5).  This is high enough to kill most plants (not directly, 
> just that 
> growth is so slow that it gets covered with algae and dies), 
> including 
> duckweed.  In some tanks with aeration, I can safely add 
> vinegar (every 3 
> days or so), and my plant growth is FAR better.  Easy plants 
> like Java 
> moss, Java ferns and Vals are now growing, about doubling in the last 
> month.  However, in other tanks, (small ones), without any 
> filtration (for 
> bettas), the vinegar causes a nasty bacterial bloom that 
> leaves a white 
> sludge on top (and seems to be hard on the fish.)  Is there a 
> better acid 
> that would be safe to add?  I have ingredients for PMDD, but adding 
> nutrients just results in algae blooms, at least any time 
> until after I've 
> got the pH down to a reasonable level.  I've tried addition 
> of CO2, but it 
> doesn't lower the pH enough to allow good plant growth.
> I'm trying to apply Diana Walstad's methods as described in her book, 
> which is what suggested to me that the pH of the water was 
> the problem. 
> Her book as a table of tests she performed at various pH 
> levels indicating 
> that many plants stop growing a little bit above pH 8.   I've 
> added soil 
> to most of the tanks (which helps the pH problem somewhat.)  
> In one tank, 
> the soil change keeps the pH under 8 naturally, which is 
> fine, but only in 
> that one tank.  Plant growth has never been a problem in that tank. 
> Does anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Bill
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