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Re: [APD] PMDD recipe -- help please!

They're designed to break down over 6 months in soil.  Basic biology
of the decomposition process applies to them.  More moisture and heat
with optimal aeration=faster decompostion.  I think the time for any
garden-type slow release fertilizers to break down in an aquarium will
be drastically reduced.  I work as a horticulturist and use slow
release fertilizers all the time.  They break down significantly in 5
months in a short cold growing season.  Most of that decomposition
takes place mid to late June through mid-September.

I would think to stay away from any ferilizers using a large
percentage of Ammonium Nitrate for the aquarium.  I have used it in
small amounts,  2 ml of 4.7% for 20 gal., but I only use that fert.
occasionally for the traces.

Port Washington, WI

>   Putting those pebbles into your
> substrate could be about as effective in nuking your tank as using
> Dynamite.  And there is no guarantee that they will take 6 months to
> dissolve.  They could all dissolve in a couple of days.
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